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E-learning trends of 2017

The results are out. Our yearly survey and response collation has finally come to an end. Here are the top e-learning trends that will drive 2017.

  • Educators are using virtual & augmented reality: to deliver materials and information in creative and innovative ways to deliver lessons to students.
  • Teachers and administrators are personalizing e-learning by taking technology into their own hands and personalize their courses using tools specifically made for this industry.
  • Industry predictions are that 2017 will see a growth in students signing up for free online courses (MOOCs) and other self-taught learning environments like online discussion forums.
  • With academicians starting to appreciate the advantages and benefits to using various forms of technology as part of the educational experience, we expect a lot of schools to integrate technology as a formal way of imparting education.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are all set to free up the teaching community’s time and allow them time to plan and prepare the lesson material.

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